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Since 1996, Grimnes & Associates have developed websites with one goal in mind, "to provide services that successfully fulfills our clients requirements". A cornerstone of our organization is active communication. At Grimnes & Associates, we believe that communications is the foundation to the building of an effective business relationship that leads to the development of a successful client application. We truly believe it is important to listen to your needs in order to present you with options and ideas that best fit your organization.

Once the process of developing a site has begun, we involve our client throughout to ensure we are delivering the desired results. Good communications is the only way to build a successful application. We involve our customer along the way. During the design phase of development, our consultants provide quick "prototyping" of screens and database layouts with the client as well as discussing screen color combinations, image selection and placement.

Optimization of your site also begins in design phase and continues throughout the rollout of your site. During this time, we work in close coordination with you in order to refine our focus and ensure that all optimization issues are addressed. This attention to detail is important in order to achieve the highest possible ranking on the most popular search engines.

Once development begins, our consultants provide formal updates. Throughout the process, we provide you access to one of our secured website in order to view the status of your project.

Finally, during the development stage, marketing techniques are initiated and new campaigns developed in order to fine tune and enhance your site.

At Grimnes & Associates, our interest is in building long-term relationships with our clients based on providing the highest levels of quality and value. Our repeat business demonstrates our commitment and abilities and we are always eager to assist your organization in determining how we can use our experience to provide you with a website that will best fits your needs.

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Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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