Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing

Designing Your Site

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of meeting schedules is forgotten."
--Kathleen Byle, Sandia National Laboratories

Every successful....
           website begins with a well-planned design strategy. At a minimum, successful web design strategies take into account features such as page layout, database structure, usability and search engine optimization.

A comprehensive....
           web strategy includes additional considerations that otherwise may be overlooked such as marketing efforts necessary to place an e-commerce business on the first page of today’s most influential search engines. A comprehensive strategy also ensures that clients are provided the tools necessary to successfully maintain their own content as needs change in the future.

Each project....
           is unique in its own way, yet the steps are the same for each. In the long term, to bypass the website design process and proceeding straight to development simply wastes your company’s profits.
Our Development Team....
           can assist you during the initial stages of your web strategy development by consulting with you in areas such as;

  • Examining you business goals
  • Identifying your mission critical goals
  • Map out specific approaches to reach each goal
  • Create "action plans"
  • Discuss/prototype effective page layouts
  • Monitor, measure, and update the plan

  • While your site....
               could be developed by someone charging $200 - $500 that is not where we shine. As your e-commerce business becomes more successful, your website needs will change. As a business person, you realize the value of your sites information and how custom reports, exporting options, and electronic data interfacing will assist in your daily and long-term business decisions.

    Grimnes & Associates can take your website to this level by creating dynamic web pages, a management console, a portal, and custom reports that add value to your business.

    Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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    Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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