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Developing Your Site

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
--Chinese Proverb

Website development....
           begins after the client approves a complete design plan. At minimum, the plan will include the scope of the project, approved page and database layouts, detailed deliverables, and a cost/time estimate.

Points of contact....
           will be established in order to provided effective communication or if necessary to inform the client of any potential deviation of costs from original estimates. Cost deviation may result from additional change requests from the client after the project parameters have been set.

           the development cycle, ongoing communication between the developer and the client is very important in order to guarantee changes are made to client satisfaction and that the client agrees with any associated costs that may result.

As development begins....
           an operating platform of choice (Windows, UNIX, Linux) is selected and a development language (C#, Java, VB.NET, ASP) chosen. Questions about optimization will be addressed. Titles, descriptions, and keywords will be discussed and agreed upon for each page. In some instances, it may be suggested that content be modified to accent the "theme" of the page, thereby improving the page ranking overall by focusing on what search engines want to see.
As development continues....
           parts of the site begin to roll out for the client to view and beta test. A test database as well as a test website are created along with all necessary security features. Throughout the testing phase, code “bug” issues are resolved. Stress and load tests are performed to analyze how the application will hold up during real-world use. Once the content has been checked for spelling and grammar, keywords are in place, and the application is prepared to go “live”. At this time the website is rolled into production and submitted to the search engines.

           a new application is born and ready to be placed into production. The task now switches from development to evaluation as we begin to watch the site and page rankings. Did we reach our design goals? What issues were encountered? How were those issues resolved? What enhancements can or should be made?

           a well-executed strategy with agreed upon results and an emphasis on communication, the needs of the client are addressed in a consistent and professionally executed manner at all times during the development process.

Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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