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"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."
--Peter F. Drucker

Websites that are fully functional, attractive, and optimized, can increase their effectiveness further still when properly marketed and promoted. E-commerce marketing is the process of promoting your website and is far different then the type of traditional marketing used in a traditional "brick and mortar" business. Two very popular and effective types of e-commerce marketing tools are promotions and newsletters.

  • Promotions can be offered in a variety of ways. While the method of promotion may vary, the focus of an effective promotional campaign is to entice clients to visit and/or revisit your site. If you are an existing company with a previous customer base, an effective promotion technique may be as simple as adding your website name to your current advertising campaign whereas a new site or business may deal with promotions in a very different way. Grimnes and Associates can assist you in determining the most effective promotional campaign for your site’s needs.

  • Newsletters
  • A newsletter is a simple and inexpensive way to remind customers that you are still around and think it is in their best interest to visit your site again. Newsletters are great vehicles for providing information, tips, and advice to your current and potential customers.
Whether your marketing campaign involves promotions, newsletters, or other forms of advertising, the main goal is to get customers to your website! E-commerce marketing requires creative thinking and constant effort in order to add value and repeat business opportunities for you and your customers.

Grimnes and Associates would be happy to discuss these and other marketing solutions that will increase the awareness and the value of your website in an effective and cost efficient manner.


Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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Website Design, Development, Optimization & Marketing
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